Contributor's Acknowledgement

Criteria for Images

Contributors or photographers must follow the following criteria of Image files on Fotonish:

Photo licenses
Images on Fotonish are available in different resolutions. These files will be uploaded in their maximum size, and the size will be auto generated in different available sizes of that file will also be available in different resolutions. Images are required to be presented in original camera resolution - post-production resolution lifting is not acceptable.

Fotonish reserves all the right to edit the photos sent by the photographer or contributor according to the concept of the photo required (if needed).  


Pricing System


Please note that if any Product (image) not being sold within 6 months (180 days), Product (image) prices will automatically set to minimum price. On the other hand, if the Product (image) sells 3 times in a time of 6 months, the price will be increase automatically.

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    Fotonish cautiously selects all of its imageries, ensuring every photo submitted by contributors hold all the legal and valid authenticity. Every contributor has to compulsorily agree to our Terms & Conditions before selling images. Thus, Fotonish will not be liable for any illegitimate use of images by any of the contributors.


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